Antoine River Kennel

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Puppy contract:


Thank you for buying a puppy from me.

 To make sure this is an enjoyable experience for both of us, I have made this contract so you will know what to expect.

When you pick out a puppy you will send me a deposit of $200.00 to hold the puppy. If something happens to the puppy you will get your deposit back.

If you change your mind and no longer want the puppy you will not get your deposit back. (Nonrefundable deposit) this is so I don't hold a puppy that I could have sold.( If paying by pay pal I have to add 3%.) 

When it’s time for you to pick up your puppy you will then pay in full the remainder of the balance due in cash.  

Your puppy will come with it's tail cut and dew clews off, they will have their first vet check to make sure they are healthy.  They will be Microchip, wormed and have their first set of shots.

 Buyer agrees to have said puppy examined by a licensed vet within 24 hours of time of pickup/ delivery, or guarantee is not applicable.

 If said puppy is other than healthy it should be brought to breeder and breeder's veterinarian immediately.  

 Minor problems such as diarrhea, coccidiosis, wormy stool, etc. are common problems among puppies and will not be covered by this warranty, although every effort is made to sell puppies free of these problems

pick up or delivery 

You are welcome to come to my house to pick up your puppy or I will meet you within 30 mls form my house, after 30 mls I will charge .50 a ml. delivery fee.


 Breeder is not responsible for any shipping charges, or vet bills once the puppy leaves our care.

Breeder does not assume any liability for any injury of said puppy after delivery.

 Buyer is responsible to maintain the puppies health condition, vaccinations, and de-worming, and any other procedures to insure good health.

 The Breeder has provided everything possible to produce a healthy sound puppy, by raising the puppy in the best possible way in regards to diet, exercise, socialization, and veterinary care.  

If you have any questions please call me @ (870) 342-5048